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Protect yourself with the perfect sun canopy

Planning your next trip involves more than just choosing a destination; it’s about making sure your set up is convenient and your camp is comfortable. One essential accessory that can make your experience so much better, is a motorhome or caravan sun canopy. A sun canopy provides much-needed shade, creating a cool and comfortable outdoor space where you can relax and enjoy the fresh air. It protects you from the sun on days when it’s just too hot, making your stay more pleasant and safe.

A canopy adds a  versatile outdoor space that can be used for dining, socialising, or simply lounging. Whether you’re dealing with unpredictable weather or just need a bit of extra room, a sun canopy is a must-have for any motorhome or caravan enthusiast​! We’ve pulled together some of our favourite sun canopies so you can see which one is the best fit for you! 

Isabella Shadow Sun Canopy – 360

The Isabella Shadow Sun Canopy – 360 is highly versatile and a suitable caravan sun canopy for a range of models. It attaches easily to either the side of a full awning via a harlequin strip or can attach directly to your caravan rail, providing essential protection from the sun. This canopy is designed for ease of use, allowing you to set it up in a matter of minutes. It’s lightweight and easy to maintain, made from IsaLite material, and supported by CarbonX poles for optimal stability​.

The canopy measures 360 cm in width and 200 cm in depth, weighing only 4.5 kg, making it particularly suited for caravanners who love a quick and simple setup and takedown​. Optional side panels are also available to provide further shade and shelter from the elements! So if you value both functionality and ease of use, the Isabella Shadow Sun Canopy is a great addition for your camp. 

Isabella Shadow Sun Canopy – 360

2024 Dometic Sunshine Air Pro 300

The 2024 Dometic Sunshine Air Pro 300 is a standout sun canopy designed for caravan enthusiasts who value ease of use and durability. This innovative sunshade features Dometic’s AirFrame technology, allowing for quick and hassle-free setup with its single-point inflation system.

Constructed from Weathershield Pro 300D fabric, it offers excellent weather resistance and longevity. The Sunshine Air Pro 300 is not only robust but also practical, as it includes a high-volume Downdraught pump and oversized carry bag for your convenience! Additionally, optional side walls can be added for extra protection and privacy, making it a versatile choice for any camping adventure​.

2024 Dometic Sunshine Air Pro 300

Starcamp Quick’n Easy Air Sunshade 265

The Starcamp Quick’n Easy Air Sunshade 265 is a versatile and user-friendly inflatable sun canopy designed to enhance your outdoor experience. This model lives up to its name by offering an incredibly quick and easy setup, making it perfect for short getaways, weekends, or overnight stays. Featuring a single inflation point, the sunshade can be inflated in a matter of minutes, whilst also removing the hassle of dealing with multiple poles! The sunshade includes zip-out and roll-back side panels, allowing you to adjust the canopy for more open or enclosed space as and when you need.

Constructed from high-quality Weathertex material and a 4000mm hydrostatic head, this sun canopy provides excellent water resistance and durability. Its compact size of 265 cm by 240 cm makes it ideal for smaller caravans while still providing ample shade and protection from the elements. The Starcamp Quick’n Easy Air Sunshade 265 is designed with convenience and comfort in mind, making it a popular choice among caravan enthusiasts looking for a reliable and efficient shade solution​.

Starcamp Quick’n Easy Air Sunshade 265

2024 Dometic Portico 180 S Door Canopy

The 2024 Dometic Portico 180 S Door Canopy is an excellent addition for motorhome or caravan enthusiasts looking for reliable protection against the weather. This inflatable door canopy is designed with the Weathershield™ Pro double-coated polyester fabric, making it durable  and completely waterproof, even in heavy rain! With the weather we’re currently experiencing, the 2024 Dometic Portico 180 S Door Canopy will also block some of the heat, ensuring your caravan or motorhome stays cooler while shielding you from direct sunlight.

The single-point inflation system simplifies setup, making it an ideal choice for solo travellers. With a width of 1.8 metres, it offers ample coverage for your motorhome or caravan’s entrance. 

2024 Dometic Portico 180 S Door Canopys

2023 Vango Airbeam Caravan 250 Sun Canopy

This Vango Sun Canopy is perfect for quick and easy setup, thanks to its AirBeam® technology that inflates in minutes. Made from durable and waterproof Sentinel Exclusive Fabric, this canopy ensures reliable protection against various weather conditions. Its lightweight design, compact size, and adjustable pegging points make it highly convenient for transportation and setup on uneven surfaces. Optional sidewalls add extra shade and privacy, making it a versatile choice for any camping trip!

2023 Vango Airbeam Caravan 250 Sun Canopy 

Maintaining Your Sun Canopy

Now that you’ve found the perfect sun canopy for you, you’ll need to keep it clean and tidy! Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Vacuum or brush your sun canopy off when it’s dry, or wipe with a damp cloth, to get rid of any dirt before storage.
  • Occasionally spray windows with a reproofer, and then immediately wipe them with a dry cloth. This should be carried out a maximum of twice a year.
  • Clean your sun canopy with the Kampa Awning and Tent Cleaner to remove algae, black streaks, diesel fumes or general dirt and keep your sun canopy sparkling clean!  

Kampa Awning and Tent Cleaner

Sun canopies are great accessories to add to your motorhome or caravan trip, providing shade when the sun’s too hot and adding space to your camp. Easy to set up and highly versatile, a sun canopy makes every trip more comfortable so you can make the most of your time away!

Don’t hit the road without one; it’s a perfect addition for your next adventure!

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