Noco GENIUS5 6V/12V 5-Amp Smart Battery Charger

 Precision charging


Introducing the all-new GENIUS5, one of our most powerful, highest-performing, energy-efficient, and compact chargers yet. The GENIUS5 is a 6-volt and 12-volt battery charger, battery maintainer, and battery desulfator rated at 5-amps for lead-acid automotive, marine, and deep-cycle batteries, including flooded, gel, AGM, and maintenance-free, plus lithium-ion batteries.

  • Safely charge and maintain both 6V and 12V vehicle or leisure batteries
  • Prevents overheating and undercharging the battery by altering each charge based on ambient temperature
  • Simple to use - plug in, connect to the battery and select a charge mode
  • 3 year limited hassle free warranty

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