Campingaz CP250 Canister – 4 Pack

Portable Gas Canisters


A resealable gas cartridge for use with the Campingaz Portable Gas Stove or Camp Bistro.. 4 pack of Campingaz® CP250 valve cartridges with high-performance Isobutane gas, allowing it to work better at lower temperatures than other similarly styled cartridges. The cartridge can be removed and re-attached safely, even if not yet empty.

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High performance Isobutane gas mix, allowing the stove to function at lower temperatures

Fits Campingaz® Camp’Bistro 2 and other similar stoves

Self-sealing safety valve allows the cartridge to be easily removed from the device, even when not empty

Size: 6.9 x 18cm

Weight: 315 g

Gas: 220 g