Alde G13 Antifreeze 1Ltr

For caravans & motorhomes with Alde Heating System


Alde G13 Antifreeze is pre-mixed with deionised water for the correct concentration for your Alde heating system. It's ready to use for topping up Alde caravan and motorhome heating systems throughout winter. After the first 2 years, Alde recommends replacing your caravan heating antifreeze in the system with the Alde Premium G13 antifreeze formula. The silicated OAT corrosion inhibitor is compatible with the silicate-containing antifreezes used as standard by most UK vendors, and provides 5-year protection.

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Premium antifreeze.

Provides 5 year protection.

Can be used to top-up existing fluids.

Suitable for all Alde heating systems.