YUASA L36-EFB Leisure Battery – Class B

Low Height Leisure Battery 


  • EFB technology for greater endurance, higher cycles and faster charging
  • Optimised for repeated charging & discharging
  • Original equipment quality & specification
  • NCC Verified Class B Sealed maintenance free
  • Supplied charged & ready to fit
  • Enhanced safety features including integrated flame arrestor and carry handle
  • 1200 watt hours
  • 200 cycles
Dimensions: Length: 35.3cm Width: 17.5cm Height: 19cm  

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Class B batteries are designed for caravans or motorhomes that spend most of their time hooked up to an electrical supply, but still require a greater battery capacity for certain appliances such as motor movers.

What appliances can Class B batteries support?

  • High-demand appliances such as motor movers, but only for a short period before needing to be recharged
  • Lights
  • Televisions