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Keep Your Caravan Or Motorhome Safe With Milenco Security

The UK is brimming with picturesque scenery for the whole family to enjoy with plenty of caravanning hotspots dotted around, from seaside trips to nature trails. In this world of outdoor adventure and nomadic living, your caravan or motorhome is more than just a vehicle to get you from A to B, it’s your home on wheels! As tempting as it is to get straight out on the road, it’s important to make sure you have all the security measures in place to ensure peace of mind while you’re on the road or parked at a campsite. 

Here are our top picks to ensure you’re safe and secure on your next adventure.

Milenco Adjustable Corner Steady Lock – Twinpack

Our Milenco corner steady nut lock fits onto the caravan corner steadies, locking the legs in a down position immobilising the caravan.

Milenco Adjustable Corner Steady Locks


What are corner steady locks, and why are they important for caravan security?

Corner steady locks are designed to secure the stabiliser legs of caravans, preventing thieves from hitching up and towing away the vehicle. They are crucial for theft prevention and provide an additional layer of protection ensuring that the caravan remains in place and stable when parked.

Milenco Compact Wheelclamp

The Milenco compact wheel lock is sturdy and reliable. It’s compact yet robust design allows for quick and easy installation, fitting snugly onto the wheel to prevent movement and deter potential thieves. Fits wheel sizes, 12″ to 16″ with 145 to 225 size tyres, is insurance approved and comes with a handy carry bag!

Milenco Compact Wheelclamp

Milenco M16 Wheel Clamp for Motorhomes

The Milenco M16 wheel clamp is designed for motorhomes, is user friendly and incorporates a high security locking mechanism. It provides heavy duty security and is perfect for if your vehicle will be parked for long periods of time. This wheel clamp is also insurance approved, includes a foam strip to protect your wheels and has a 5-year lock warranty included!

Milenco M16 Wheel Clamp for Motorhomes


How do wheel clamps improve caravan security?

Wheel clamps attach securely to the wheels of a caravan or motorhome, preventing them from moving and making it challenging for thieves to tow the vehicle away. They are highly effective deterrents and can also prevent your caravan rolling away if parked on a hill! 

Milenco Commercial Steering Wheel Lock

The new high security commercial steering wheel lock is suitable for all motorhomes and commercial vehicles, it’s 70cm long which is 15.5cm longer than the standard version. This ensures the lock comes in contact with the windscreen of the van / motorhome for additional security.

Milenco Commercial Steering Wheel Lock

Milenco Super Heavy Duty WS3000 Winterhoff Hitchlock

The Milenco WS3000 Winterhoff hitch lock is a robust and reliable security accessory designed to safeguard your caravan or trailer against theft. Specifically engineered to fit Winterhoff hitches, this lock provides an extra layer of protection by preventing anyone from lifting the hitch handle of your caravan and inserting a tow ball into the hitch head.

Milenco Super Heavy Duty WS3000 Winterhoff Hitchlock

Milenco Aero Platinum Mirrors – Twin Pack

The Milenco aero platinum mirrors are premium towing mirrors designed to enhance visibility and safety while towing caravans, trailers, or boats. These mirrors boast a sleek and aerodynamic design, providing stability and reduced vibration during travel.They fit all vehicles including Range / Land Rovers and all BMW X series models.

Milenco Aero Platinum Mirrors – Twin Pack


Do I need extended mirrors when towing a caravan?

Yes! Not only is it dangerous to tow a vehicle without seeing the whole road behind you but it is a legal requirement to have extended mirrors fitted when towing anything that is wider than the rear of your car.

Milenco Stacka Corner Feet 4PK

The Milenco stacka corner feet 4PK is a set of four robust and versatile corner feet designed to enhance the safety of your caravan when parked. Their unique design ensures a firm grip on various surfaces, preventing slipping or sinking, even on uneven terrain.

Milenco Stacka Corner Feet 4PK

Protecting your caravan or motorhome with robust security measures is essential for a worry-free outdoor adventure. By investing in quality security, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your home on wheels is safe and secure. Remember to stay vigilant, be mindful of your surroundings, and prioritise safety at all times.

Safe travels!

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