Universal Mains Water Adaptor Kit

Connect your caravan or motorhome up to a mains tap for an unlimited water supply.


Designed to fit most caravan water containers, for use on pitches served by a mains water connection, this adaptor kit allows connection of the water carrier to the campsite supply. It allows the carrier to be maintained at a constant half-full level, whilst your normal submersible pump feeds the supply into your caravan or motor caravan.  

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Fits Most Water Carriers:
With a variety of caps designed to suit the varying inlet cap sizes on different brands of water containers including
Water Hog (50 Litre and new 51 litre)
Aqua Caddy
Royal Aquarius
Kampa Roly poly

Automatic Water Level Control:
The kit comes with an automatic float level valve which is fitted into the screw-on cap. The valve cuts off the supply when your container is half-full, and automatically re-fills once water has been used, maintaining a constant water supply without interruption.

Food Grade Hose:
The kit comes with 7.5 metres of food grade hose, long enough to reach to the service point at your pitch, plus tap adapter for leak-free connection