Specialised Covers Front Towing Cover – Tow Pro Elite

Tailored Front Towing Cover


The Tow Pro Elite is the ultimate, top of the range towing protector. The Tow Pro Elite is truly the ultimate when it comes to towing protection for your caravan. Designed for the harsh terrain of the Australian outback, these covers are used by Bailey Australia and come as standard with the caravans there. The covers are manufactured from Specialised's exclusive Body Armour material which is unrivalled for protection.  

  • Tow Pro Elite Fabric: The Tow Pro Elite is made of 8mm foam backed Body Armour
  • Elaticated wings: Gives you that small flexibility that you will need to fit the cover
  • Quick Fit Clips: The Quick Fit Clip system allows you to hook the cover to the valance of the caravan with elasticated clips
  • Clear Eyes: This ensures that you are road legal and safe
  • Easy Grab System: The easy grab system allows access to your grab handles with the cover still in situ.
Locker Box Access: Designed zip access so you can get into your locker box without having to take the cover off The Tow Pro weighs approximately 4.9kg when packed in its storage bag.Current lead times approximately 5 weeks Please provide Caravan manufactuer, Model & Year in the Order Notes

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