Essential Cooking Accessories For Your Next Camping Adventure
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Essential Cooking Accessories for Your Camping Adventures

As spring blossoms and the days grow longer, heading outside for adventures grows more and more appealing. Although spring can be a great time for exploring, with an array of beautiful flowers and signs of nature, in the UK it’s not always the warmest of months. However, what better way to end the day when it’s starting to chill, than cooking up a storm back at camp.

Whether you’re a newcomer to the world of caravanning, motorhoming, and camping, in need of a complete kitchen setup, or a seasoned outdoor enthusiast seeking to upgrade your gear, we’ve put together a selection of our top-rated and essential cooking accessories for your next trip. From versatile cookware to cleaning equipment, these essentials are sure to enhance your outdoor experience and make your next trip truly memorable.

2024 Cadac 2 Cook 3 Pro Deluxe QR

The Cadac 2 Cook 3 Pro Deluxe QR is the ultimate camping companion, a versatile and advanced cooking appliance, bringing you both convenience and efficiency. Its Quick Release modular system makes it easy to switch up your cooking surfaces, whether you need a grill or flat plate, the Cadac 2 Cook 3 Pro has it all!

2024 Cadac 2 Cook 3 Pro Deluxe QR

Cadac Citi Chef 40 – Olive

The Cadac Citi Chef 40 provides you with a spacious, yet conveniently portable versatile gas grill, perfect for cooking delicious meals outdoors. With plenty of space, you can prepare meals for group gatherings or the whole family. This gas grill comes with a variety of features, including a dome lid with thermometer to keep an eye on the temperature, and a stay-cool handle to ensure your safety at all times.

cadac citi chef 40

Cadac Paella Pan with Lid – 30cm

This lightweight Paella Pan is incredibly versatile, with the possibility to cook a variety of meals, from pancakes to wholesome curries. With a stainless steel and stay-cool handle, ceramic coating and storage bag, the Cadac Paella Pan has everything you need to protect yourself and the pan.

cadac paella pan with lid

Cadac Tapas Set

If you love tapas, the Cadac Tapas Set is the ideal set for you. With 4 ceramic coated pans, lightweight and easy to clean, these 12.5cm round tapas pans are ideal for cooking a variety of tasty snacks. You can use them in BBQs, on small gas hobs or any camp stove. 

cadac tapas set

The Picnic Book

Sometimes a bit of inspiration is needed to cook up some tasty treats, and this Picnic Book offers you more than 70 recipes to find your perfect snack or meal. These recipes are great for adventurous campers, always on the move, with a variety of options from simple ideas to quickly throw into your rucksack to full out picnic plans for big family gatherings. Whether you’d like to learn how to cook spicy scotch eggs or finger lickin’ prawns, we’re certain you’ll find something you’ll love in The Picnic Book. 

The picnic book

Cadac Silicone Tongs – 36cm

Before you get started with your new found recipes, you’ll need some utensils! The Cadac Silicone Tongs are an essential addition for any cook, at a length of 36cm they’re versatile and durable, assisting you in all of your cooking, grilling and food handling ventures. 

cadac silicone tongs

Cadac BBQ Cleaner

After cooking all of these fabulous meals, you’ll certainly want to keep your top-notch cooking equipment clean and sparkling. The Cadac BBQ Cleaner makes it easy for you to keep your BBQs ready for your next adventure, effectively cleaning all chrome and enamelled parts of the BBQ.


Muggi Cup Holder

Muggi Cup Holders are innovative and versatile drink carriers, able to securely hold multiple cups or mugs simultaneously. They’re lightweight but also super tough, and made out of 100% recycled plastic. If you’re prone to spillages, this is the carrier for you!

Liberty Murano Melamine Set – 12pc 

Outdoor dining doesn’t have to be unstylish – the Liberty Murano Melamine Set embodies both elegance and durability, making it the perfect addition to any dining experience, on site or at home in the comfort of your garden. The set is also dishwasher safe!


Tips and FAQs

How do I choose the right size and type of cooking pot or pan for camping?

Choosing the right size and type of cooking equipment depends on a few things:

  • Consider the size of your group you’re cooking for
  • Decide on the sorts of meals you’ll be cooking (one pot wonders, or meals that require a pan for vegetables, pasta, and sauce)
  • Make sure the pans are compatible with your camping stove, grill or BBQ 
  • Check the material: lightweight (but durable) materials are easiest when carrying lots of camping equipment
  • Look for versatility: opt for pans that offer options with what you can use them for
  • Consider storage: if you’re tight on space, consider how the pots and pans will pack-down when you’re storing them. For example, do they have removable lids, or lids that can turn upside down into the pan to be stored.
  • Cleaning the equipment: check the materials are easy to clean, because the last thing you want on a camping trip is to be spending lots of time scrubbing pots and pans!
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Should I invest in camping-specific utensils or can I use regular kitchen utensils?

Again, this is a personal preference. To make your camping experience easier and more enjoyable, we would recommend purchasing some lightweight, easy-to-clean, and multi-purpose camping-specific utensils to ensure your cooking experience is hassle-free and efficient.




So wherever your next adventure is taking you, be it at home in your garden for a springtime BBQ, or out in the fields on a camping trip, we have everything you’ll need to make your trip a hassle-free and enjoyable experience. From a huge variety of BBQs, camping stoves, and grills to different styles of recipe books, check out our cooking equipment at Webbs Outdoors to find what’s missing from your next trip.

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